BEACHES of Rhodes Island


The beach of Afandou is the perfect spot to spend a funny day under the sun of Greece with your family, as it is well know as one of the most beautiful beaches for families with kids. The beach lies on the eastern coast of the Rhodes Island, 8 km southern to the town of Rodos, and 2 km away from the village of Afandou, is easy to reach by public buses, or by car and motorbikes.The general atmosphere is lively and funny; lots of kids playing in the sand while the clear blue waters are sprinkled with white jet skis. The 3 km long sand and pebbles beach has areas t...|

Agathi Beach | Rhodes Island | Greece

One of the most beautiful places for relaxation under the sun of Greece, Agathi beach lies on the eastern coast of the island of Rhodes, 36 km away from the City of Rhodos and 10 km from the village of Lindos. Follow the signs from the nearby beach of Haraki, and find your path to Agathi beach.Prepare your camera, as half way along the road to Agathi beach you will discover the beautiful medieval castle of Feraklos, offering lovely views over the coast.The beach is small and secluded, offering an excellent shelter for relaxation - the golden sands mingle b...|

Charaki Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

Do you wish to avoid the noisy popular resort of Rhodes, but yet not to feel isolated? Head to Charaki on the Rhodes Island, the lovely beach of a cozy fishermen village set in a picturesque bay, 36 kilometers away from the city of Rhodos on the eastern coast of the island.Charaki (Haraki) is a lovely surprise for everyone discovering this lovely settlement - a very relaxing and quiet atmosphere, crystal clear waters excellent for snorkeling, tiny fishing boats aligned in the small harbor, mouth watering fresh fish specialties and, above all, the imposing castle...|

Elli Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

If you want to work on your tan and relax in a cosmopolitan atmosphere, then you should definitely go for the long Elli beach of the city of Rhodes, one of the most frequented in the whole Dodecanese complex. Described by Lawrence Durell, the beach of Rhodos city as the finest beach in the whole Mediterranean, Elli lies between the Mandraki harbour and the Aquarium, in the northern end of the town.Elli beach has everything you need to spend a perfect day under the sun - golden sands, sunbeds and colorful umbrellas to rent, inviting beach tavernas and fine restau...|

Faliraki Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

There is simply no need for an introduction when it comes about the Faliraki beach!Wild, cosmopolite, hugely famous, when it comes about popularity in the whole Rhodes Island, Faliraki beach competes only with Elli beach of Rhodos city, only 12 km away.Faliraki beach has it all - the thrilling social vibe, the golden sands, hundreds of sun beds and colorful umbrellas, lovely beach tavernas, restaurants, snack bars and, well... even bungee jumping!
What can you more dream of?Ok, it has that too - the only organized nudist beach in the whole island of Rhodes....|

Fourni Beach | Rhodes Island | Greece

Looking for a quiet place in the savage nature to enjoy a refreshing afternoon swim or a peaceful day under the sun of Greece? The picturesque Fourni beach is definitely your spot! The beach lies bellow the village of Monolithos, on the southwestern coast of the Rodos Island, 78 km from its capital, the city of Rhodes.The pebbled Fourni Beach is not organized, so forget about renting umbrellas or sun beds, and enjoy at maximum the unspoiled nature. To find your perfect spot on the beach, under the shade of the rocks, come early and explore the right side of Four...|

The best spot for a beach party with dancing till morning, Gennadi beach is the last organized spot before the island of Rhodes reaches its southern point at the Prasonissi beach.Laying 63 km from the cosmopolite Rhodos city in the north, Gennadi beach is an excellent mixture of great facilities and unspoiled nature, attracting especially young people.Still, only some parts of Gennadi beach are organized, with hotels along the shoreline, sun beds and colorful umbrellas to rent, for you to safely work on your tan and relax with the waves sound in your years.

Ialyssos Beach | Rhodes | Greece

The capital city of windurfing", the Ialissos beach is a highly organized spot on the Northwestern coast of the Rhodes Island, only 8 km from the cosmopolite city of Rhodos, and nearby the beach of Ixia.Along Ialissos shoreline, there are areas of public beach and also private spots belonging to the hotels, same as in Ixia beach nearby. A perfect place for family days under the sun of Greece, the sand and pebbles Ialyssos beach offers excellent facilities - wide range of water sports, gardens and tennis courts, tempting beach tavernas, coffee shops and restauran...|

Ixia Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

One of the most cosmopolite and modern beaches in Rhodes Island, Ixia offers you all the facilities you need for an enjoyable day working on your tan under the sun of Greece.Ixia beach lays only 5 km south of the romantic city of Rodos, on the northeastern coast of the Rhodes Island.You will simply feel complete on the beautiful 2 km long Ixia beach, surrounded by the amazingly clear blue waters, and guarded by green flabby hills. Many beach bars and tavernas tempts you with refreshing drink or a light Greek specialty. Lots of water sports options promises a bit...|

When thinking about your private spot on the beach, but to benefit also of good facilities, Kalathos beach is the answer! It lies on the eastern coast of the island of Rhodes, 50 km from the romantic city of Rhodos and only 7 km from the picturesque Lindos village.The vast sandy and tiny pebbled-beach Kalathos stretches along the shore for 4 km, offering well-organized public areas along with savage sectors. Take your time and find the perfect relaxation lying on the lovely wooden sun beds, under a bamboo umbrella. Whenever you need refreshment, an ice-coffee or...|


If you want to mingle with the elite local society, take a day break for working your tan on the glamour beach of Kallithea.This beach lays on the northeastern coast of the Rhodes Island, only 10 km away from its cosmopolite capital, the city of Rhodos.Kalithea beach is best preferred by the Rhodes Island locals, and "let's take a swim to Kallithea" is a sentence you'll hear very often when visiting Rhodos.The magnificent Italian baths ennoble Kallithea beach, while the exotic surrounding nature, with strange shaped rocks and pine trees, completes the pleasant scenery.The deep blue waters p...|

Kameiros Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

If the impressive archeological site at Kameiros (Kamiros) is a must-visit while exploring the western coast of the Rhodes Island, than Kameiros (Kamiros) beach is the sunny spot you shouldn't miss, although there are only few tourists knowing about its existence!Kameiros (Kamiros) beach is situated a bit more than 30 km away from the beautiful city of Rhodes, at the end of a lovely road your camera will simply fall in love with, as it's sprinkled with small villages, lush green forests and old monasteries.You will be the lucky discoverer of a very well organize...|

Katsouni Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

Katsouni is a very cozy beach, between Lardos and Kattavia, on the eastern coast of the island of Rhodes, 50 km away from its cosmopolite capital, Rodos city.The beach of Katsouni is appears like a lovely surprise when exploring the eastern coast of the island. Excellent for kinds, Katsouni delights you with a glorious kilometre of fine golden sand, completely out of any rocks, providing an excellent environment for the little ones.The beach is visited especially by the families with kids, but also by young couples from nearby villages, looking for a plain area ...|


Kolymbia is one of the nicest beaches in Greece, perfectly suiting people looking for a well-organized spot, quiet, but still with a modern atmosphere. Kolimbia lays within a small cove, on the eastern coast of the Rhodes island, just 24 km away from its capital, the city of Rodos.This beach developed rapidly, due to its proximity to the well-known Epta Piges (seven springs), and today Kolymbia is one of the most popular family beaches is Rhodes. Kolimbia offers everything for a funny day on the beach - a wide range of water sports, colourful umbrellas and sunbe...|

Kremasti Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

There are two things inviting you to pay a visit to Kremasti Beach - the fine sand and the proximity of the Valley of Butterflies.Laying in front of the Kremasti village, one of the biggest settlements on the northwestern coast of the Rhodes Island, Kremasti beach is situated only 12 km away from the romantic city of Rodos.The beach is simply lovely - a picturesque stretch of golden sands and little pebbles extended 10 more kilometers along the western coast, amazing blue waters. Green tree clusters boarding the beach complete the idyllic scenery - your ca...|


Ladiko beach is definitely one of the most romantic spots of the Rhodes island. Lying on the northeastern coast and only 15 km away from the city of Rodos, Ladiko became famous after the Anthony Quinn's movie "The Guns of Navarone" was filmed here. Quinn himself, charmed by the unspoiled beauty of Ladiko bay, owned a part of it, named, how else than "Anthony Quinn beach".The nature was generous with this little bay - a tiny and romantic sand and pebbles beach, calm emerald waters - the reflection of the lush green hills, along with the exotic scent of the pine t...|

Rhodes Holidays|Lardos Beach|Rhodes|Greece

Lardos beach is one of the most remarkable holiday resorts in the whole Dodecanese complex, being the only Rhodes beach awarded with the European Blue Flag.The beach is situated on the southeastern coast of the Rhodes Island, in the peaceful bay of Lardos, after Pefkos village, 65 km from the city of Rhodos and very close to the popular Lindos beaches and village.Although recently organized, the sand and pebbled beach of Lardos has absolutely everything for a funny and relaxing day under the sun of Greece.You can lay on a rented sun bed and work on your ta...|

Lindos Beach | Rhodes Island | Greece

Lindos Beach doesn't need any introduction, as its name gain its prestige being one of the most popular spots in Rhodes Island and in Greece too. Set about 50 km away from the city of Rhodes, Lindos nestles actually three beaches. Megali Paralia is the main beach of Lindos, and tempts you with an inviting golden brown sand to lie on and work on your tan. Agios Pavlos Bay is a sand and pebbled beach, south of the Acropolis of Lindos, actually a paradise for divers, because of the scenic rocks in the waters. And there is also the quiet Lindos Pallas beach, perfect...|

Monolithos Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

When driving along the southwestern coast of Rhodes Island, Monolithos beach surprises you just like an oasis of peaceful and superb nature.Lying 73 km away from the cosmopolite Rodos city in the North of the island, Monolithos beach offers you the privacy you are longing for, along with the amazing view of the Venetian Castle guarding the beach from the hilltop side.A perfect place to be yourself and feel the connection with the nature, Monolithos beach is one of the most private in the whole Rhodes Island, being especially preferred by the nude bathers.Monolit...|

Nikolas Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

Looking for a quiet place to relax after a crazy night in the lively Faliraki? Only 4 km away there is a little peace of heaven waiting for you - Nikolas Beach. Together with the two other picturesque beaches - Tasos beach and Oasis beach, Nikolas beach represents a real oasis of peace in one of the liveliest spots of the Rhodes Island, only 10 km away from its romantic capital - Rhodos city.Everything about Nikolas is simply charming - a picturesque landscape, surrounded by clear blue waters, magically guarded by strangely shaped rocks.Nikolas beach is the plac...|

Prasonissi Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

A small peninsula in summer, a small islet in winter, Prasonissi beach is most of all the surfers paradise, the place where everything is about the waves. Prasonissi is actually located on the last edge of the Rhodes Island, in its most Southern point, 95 km away from the city of Rhodes, at the other end of the island.The beach of Prasonissi shows you two faces - a big-waved and open-sea area of the beach to the right, and the secluded left one. The right side of the beach offers windsurf equipment to rent, and even if you are a beginner, the waves of Prasonissi...|

Stegna Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

Stegna Beach is a lovely small resort laying on the eastern coast of the Rhodes Island, 30 km away from its romantic capital, the city of Rodos.You will be simply charmed by this authentic piece of Greece - the beautiful sand and pebbled beach, the picturesque tavernas along the shoreline, and the tiny harbor with colorful boats.Stegna beach lays at the end of a lovely country road, with picturesque herds of sheep, among almond and olive groves, and is a recommended place to bring the little ones.You will find a lovely atmosphere on this well organized beach, gu...|

 Charaki Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

Along with its neighboring "sister beaches" - Nikolas and Oasis, Tasos beach is a beautiful spot where to retreat after a long wild night in the lively Faliraki, to fully regain your energy, of course, for another long night going ahead!Tasos beach lays about 10 km away from the cosmopolite Rodos city, on the northwestern coast of the Rhodes Island.Only 4 km away from the hugely popular Faliraki village, Tasos beach offers a lovely alternative to the strong social vibe of this lively Rhodos spot - a picturesque scenery, of sand and pebbled beach, harmoniously ca...|

Traganou Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

Traganou beach can be found only 15 kilometers away from the City of Rhodes and 4 kilometers away from Faliraki. It is a half organized beach, as many of its parts are left to their natural beauty. It mainly consists of small light-coloured pebbles and crystal clear blue waters. After swimming and sunbathing you will be able to have some fresh seafood in the small fish tavern located nearby.



Tsambika Beach | Island Rhodes | Greece

Tsambika beach is an excellent choice when you wish to spend a fun day with your family under the sun.Located only 26 kilometers from the cosmopolite city of Rhodos, on the eastern coast of the Rhodes Island, together with the nearby Stegna beach, Tsampika offers you a perfect environment for you to enjoy a lovely day at the beach, with the kids playing safely, surrounded by amazing nature sceneries.On Tsambika beach you feel spoilt with the delightful sensation of feeling the fine golden sand caressing your feet.Rent a sun bed and a colorful umbrella - sun loti...|

Vagies beach is located 38 kilometers south-east of the City of Rhodes. It offers a golden sand stretch and light blue waters sparkling under the sun. It is ideal for quiet midday swims, as it is not among the over-frequented beaches of the island. However you can find any extra facilities you need by getting to Lindos, which is the nearest village.


Vlycha is a lovely sandy beach, excellent for families with small children, looking for a quiet but not isolated spot. This nice beach is lying on the eastern coast of the Rhodes Island, 47 km away from its capital Rodos, and only 3 km from the picturesque and cosmopolite Lindos.Set in a charming bay, Vlicha beach offers all facilities to enjoy a pleasant day under the sun. It is a great alternative to all three beaches in Lindos Bay, and also the Saint Paul's bay nearby, offering a lot of space and definitely, being much less noisy than its famous neighbors. Lo...|

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