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The beautiful and well developed Paradissi village is located just 16 kilometers far away from the Rhodes town in Greece. The name of village Paradissi means charming (paradise) which is derived from the blissful gardens of beautiful flowers initially brought by Arabs. Apart from its natural beauty, historical sites and beautiful beaches, there are many luxurious Paradissi hotels which are amazing in their own way. The International airport of Rhodes is located very near to Paradissi.

Paradissi is a well known tourist resort. Most people prefer visiting here because it is near to airport and has a beautiful beach. The Paradissi beach is attached with Kremasti which is just 10 kilometers away from it. The beach continues at the west part of Rhodes Island leading to Theologos. The beach is really beautiful with calm environment.

If you are water lover then do not forget to take your swimming costumes as here you can swim in the crystal clear blue waters and enjoy exciting water sports and snorkeling. The beach has many inns, restaurants and cafes so one can easily get anything which he wants to drink or eat.

There are many Rhodes hotels where you can get state of the art facilities and welcoming environment. The beautiful village of Paradissi offers great sites, outstanding facilities and cost effective Paradissi hotels to stay during Rhodes holidays. The staff in all these hotels is very helpful and guides you about best sites to visit in Rhodes. For shopping lovers this place offers many shopping spots and the nearby Turkish Quarter where you can enjoy great buying experience.

Below is the list of Paradissi hotels. You can get information about each hotel by clicking on its name. If you know any Paradissi hotel that is not listed here then click here to add it.

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