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Few kilometres in the north from the ancient Lindos town lies the beautiful traditional village of Kalathos. Kalathos is a popular tourist resort on Rhodes Island, Greece. When you come for Rhodes Holidays to Kalathos you can find good Kalathos Hotels and warm welcome from the local people. Here you can explore different delights of Rhodes and live the Greek culture and life.

Kalathos is a small but charming village that has many historical sites. Also it has a long beautiful beach which is easily accessible from the village. The beach is about ten miles lengthy and is pebbled with shiny soft sand. Walking on its soft sand is a very pleasant experience.

One can enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the beach. On the beachside you can find many taverns, Rhodes Hotels, cafés, bars and even a supermarket. The beach of Kalathos is about five kilometres long and unspoilt where you can enjoy great food and drinks.

From Kalathos, many buses leave daily for different parts of Rhodes Island. You can find all kinds of modern day facilities and amenities in Kalathos. There are a number of bakeries, bars, taverns, pharmacies and Rhodes Hotels. Kalathos is an ideal place for families, couples and individuals.

Many Kalathos Hotels are located by the sea while some are also located in the village. You can find good hotels as well as rooms and apartments for rent. Most of the hotels provide easy access to the beach. Some of the hotels have reserved parts of the beach for their guests. At these hotels you can enjoy great food, drinks and all facilities.

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