Historic Era Rhodes Island

There is more and clearer information for the island since the times of the Minoan civilization, when lots of Minoans were installed in Rhodes from neighbouring Crete and remained there for centuries. Thereafter, the island was inhabited by the Achaeans who originated from various cities of continental Greece such as Mycenae, Attica and Argos, as it has been proved by Mycenaean settlements that were discovered in the area. In the 11th century B.C. the Dorians were installed in Rhodes and established the threes most powerful cities of the island, Lindos, Ialissos and Kameiros, which, along with Alikarnassos, Kos and Knidos used to constitute the “Dorian Hexapolis”. This was a period of great flourish for the island that was able to establish its powerful status in the general area of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The Rhodians at the same emerged as great colonists in Asia Minor, as well as on the coasts of Spain, France and in Sicily.

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