You can visit it south of Mandraki, in the area of Niohori. Its official name is Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes but in the area is it is mostly known simply as the “Aquarium”.

It was built in 1935, during the period of the Italian rule under the name of “Royal Institute of Marine Biology of Rhodes”.

It started operating in 1937 as a centre of oceanic research, however since 1963 it began operating as a Museum - Showcase as well.

It has been estimated that it attracts approximately 200.000 visitors every year.

Initially you will be impressed by beautiful listed building of the Aquarium, before you even get the chance to enter and see the exhibits.

Later on you will be able to see, in one of its 24 tanks, various species of the marine fauna such as

  • anthozoa,
  • molluscs (gastropods and cephalopods),
  • species of the crab family,
  • echinoderms,

and fish of the following families:

  • Dasyatidae,
  • Mullidae,
  • Sparidea,
  • Centrachantidae,
  • Labridae,
  • Scaridae,
  • Siganidae,
  • Mugilidae,
  • Scopaenidae,
  • Triglidae,
  • Balistidae,
  • Monacanthidae,
  • Sea turtles.

In the Museum are also displayed exhibits such as various kinds of sharks and other fish, sea turtles, toothed whales and Mediterranean monk seals.

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