Turkish Rule and Modern Times Rhodes Island

When Rhodes was taken by the hordes of Suleyman the Magnificent in 1522, the Greek were driven out of the walled city and were forced to live outside in districts which they created and called mar√úsia. The Turks, of course, on taking over the city, had no need to put up new buildings: they made use of the existing ones, adding their own features and adapting them to their needs. The churches, with the addition of a minaret, were turned into mosques, while the houses of the Christians completely met the needs of their new occupants after wooden trellises covering balconies and windows had been added. All that was built were a few mosques, three Turkish baths, and some shops and warehouse in the market. The Italians, who succeeded the Turks as rulers of the island in 1912, rebuilt the city, removing the additions made by the Turks. They also put up new building at the Mandraki harbour and around the medieval city.

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