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All those tourists who are planning to spend their upcoming vacations on Rhodes Island are advised to visit Lothiarika Beach during Rhodes holidays. Not only you will enjoy the beauty of this beach but also you can easily get luxurious accommodation in any of the nearby Lothiarika hotels. The beach is located in southern part of the Island of Rhodes and just 53 km away from the Rhodes town.

Lothiarika Beach is located on the way to Lardos and Lindos, so it would be perfect if you visit it before going to those resorts. Another option is to relax at Lothiarika beach while returning from Lindos or Lardos.

On the beach, you can easily get sun beds on rent and relax under the sun rays in peaceful environment. Walking along the beach is an amazing experience. This beach also facilitates its guests with healthy atmosphere and many activities such as water sports and cycling.

Rhodes Island is well known for its beaches. For staying near the beach, there are many Rhodes hotels which offer rooms at reasonable price and with amazing facilities. The Lothiarika hotels and villas are beautifully designed and provide modern day facilities to meet the requirements of the tourists and visitors.

The crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea, the wet stones flickering under the sun of Greece and the cerulean clear sky are waiting for you to spend glorious holidays in Lothiarika. So do not forget to visit Lothiarika beach of the Rhodes Island during your upcoming vacations. This will give you a great experience in a comfortable environment.

Below is the catalog of top Lothiarika hotels in Rhodes. You can click on the name of any hotel for getting further details. If you find any of Lothiarika hotels that are missing in our list then please click here to add that hotel.

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The Lindos Princess Beach Hotel, located at Lothiarika, and the hotel could be the perfect place for a well-situated and pleasurable stay on Rhodes Is
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