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The moment you visit Koskinou village in the Rhodes Island, you will explore an amazing part of Greece. Although the village is located in a developed residential area but still you will be able to reveal traces from the early Greek and Byzantine periods. For accommodation you can get room in any of the Koskinou hotels according to your requirements.

Roaming about the narrow streets of village, the very first thing you will notice is the houses and their doors decorated with bright colors mostly red, turquoise, blue and yellow. The floors of courtyards and houses are made up of exclusive black and white mosaics for which this village is renowned. There is also a Traditional House that is adorned with ceramic plates and hand-made woven carpets.

As you get into the other side of the village and its border, you'll observe many new and contemporary buildings. Many people are building houses here as distance from the Koskinou village to the Rhodes town is very less.

Koskinou presents its visitors with a traditional sweet known as ‘Melekounia'. It is a homemade sweet that housewives of the town make on carnivals, festivals and even on holidays. It can be easily bought from local patisserie.

The closest beach to Koskinou village is Reni, located 4 km north to it. The beach offers many attractions to the tourists and visitors. It is a well organized beach that offers swimming, sea sports and sunbathing facilities.

You can easily reserve Rhodes hotels in Koskinou village. There are many Koskinou hotels which you can reserve for the stay during Rhodes holidays. The hotels in Koskinou offer comfortable stay with traditional plus modern amenities.

Here is a list of popular Koskinou hotels. If you want to know about any of the hotel then click on its name and check out the details. If any of the Koskinou hotels is missing, then click here to add it.

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The Rodos Palladium Hotel is ideally located in close proximity in the village of Koskinou on Rhodes Island, with its magnificent Medieval Town and th
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